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Shane Bellinger Web Design Overhaul
August 26, 2006

About two days ago, Shane Bellinger Web Design (my web design site) recived a complete overhaul. It has been optimized to work in Internet Explorer, and is also now full span, so it fits browser screens perfectly. It now works best with Internet Explorer, and the Opera browsers. The menu bar also works better with the new design. I’m quite happy with this design. Please have a look at my site, and let me know what you think.


Looking For Free or Very Cheap Webhosts
July 30, 2006

I’m planning on setting up WordPress on a webhost. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, now. I’m not quite sure when I’ll get around to it, but I hope I will soon. I am trying to find a descent webhost to set up wordpress on. I want something with ‘auto install’ so I don’t have to go into too much complicated stuff. I’ve tried to set it up a few times, but it’s really difficult. Eventually, when I can find that perfect host, I will set it up.

One of the reasons I want to set up wordpress on a webhost, is because, it’s a lot more flexible that hosted versions of wordpress, and because I want to design my own theme, or have a specific theme set up with the site.

Here, on, and other hosted versions, you can suggest a theme, but there’s no guarantees.

I hope I can find a Good free, or very cheap webhost!

Template is Almost Complete!
July 29, 2006

I have just about finished my new linkware template. I have to make just a few changes to it, otherwise, it’s just about complete. I will hope to have it out by Monday, so I will finish it up, today, and tomorrow.

My template looks great, so far!!

Construction of a new Linkware set has Begun!
July 28, 2006

I have started a new template. It’s very floral. It’s called Roses-roses-everywhere. It features a very rosy theme, and has lots of reds and soft pinks, yellows, and purples. Right now I’m doing the layout cells, and the main images for the template. I hope to release it sometime during the week. I’m sure I can get it done, really fast. I will try to make this template look really good. I’m also planning on removing a couple of my existing templates, because they are very boring, and they don’t have a nice look to them. I’ll have to do some more thinking on this.

I can’t wait to have my rose template released. It’s looking great, so far. I think this is a really good one, one of the best ones I’ve ever made. The images of the flowers that I’m using in the design is royalty free stock images, that are freely licensed. I found them from a few different places, one of my most favourite places to find stock photos, is Free foto. They offer a huge selection of high resolution images, that are all royalty free. I have a few other places that I really like, too, but I can’t seem to think of their names. I use most of my images on my web design projects, from Free Foto.

I hope to get a working example of my template out, soon, to have a preview. It will just take me a few more days, to complete this project.

July 16, 2006

There’s not very much to say, right now, except it’s EXTREMELY HOT! The heat is very intense, especially when there’s no air conditioning. The warm weather’s only supposed to continue on, and on. We will get rain here and there, but when it does rain, it very humid and stickey, out. I hope that we will be able to get and air conditioner, soon. Right now, I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, and we also have one in almost every room of the house, but on the really hot days, all they do is move around hot air, which does not really make things cooler.

I have been working more on web design, and I released a new linkware template. I called it Expressions 1.0. It is the first of the new ‘Expressions’ series at ShaneBellinger Web Design. It has two vibrant colours, Blue, and Orange. It features two sidebars.

I have also been doing some work on my design site. I hugely updated it. I added many more pages, and completely re-did the entire design. I used Dreamweaver, like always. I put in a drop-down JavaScript DHTML menu, that was courtesy of Milonic. Milonic offers many, many free and easy-to-use and setup DHTML, and CSS menus, for you to download an use on your website. I found a menu that went perfect with my new design, on my web design site. It is a sporty blue and yellow menu, just like the colours I used on my website.

Since I releasedmy first ‘Expressions’ Template, I might start planning another design, soon. I will probably release the next ‘Expressions’ template sometime in August.

I do have some template plans, I hope to release a few ‘professional’ looking templates in November. I’ve got to start planning them out, soon.

Weather Conditions @ 5:17 PM in Ottawa

colo.jpgSunny, with a few clouds, and the current tempurature is 33°C, with the humidex of 40°C

Almost Done, Just a little More!
July 8, 2006

My new template ‘Expressions 1.0’ is nearly complete. I just have to put the finishing touches on it. It’s looking really good, so far. I can’t wait to get it released! I have been working really hard on this new template, so it’s only going to take me one more day to complete it. This weekend, we are going to be busy I know that we will be going out. I have to get a wireless card for my computer. I also need to clean up, today. The weekend is going to be really hot. It is going to be like 30°C, with humidex factors, so it’s going to be really hot. We don’t yet have air conditioning, because our house is new. I do have a ceiling fan in my room, and it seems to keep my room at a comfortable tempurature. We will be getting central ai, next year, when the construction around us is finally done.

My To do list for the Weekend:

lightbulb.gif Clean out my Closet.

lightbulb.gif Finish ‘Expressions 1.0’

lightbulb.gif Help Clean up.

lightbulb.gif Tidy up my bedroom.

lightbulb.gif Do anything else that needs to be done.


colo.jpgToday, for Ottawa, we are looking at Sunny skies, with a high of 29°C, with the Humidex of 35°C.

Updates on Saturday

Well, we were out pretty much all day long, and we just got back home. We were supposed to go to a few other stores, today, but they were closed when we got there. I was supposed to get a wireless network access card, for my PC. I’m going to have to get it, tomorrow. We will go earlier, before the stores close.

We also have to go a few other place, tomorrow.

~7:13 PM

Designing In Progress
July 7, 2006

I have started a new webset to offer as a linkware on my Web Design Site. It is the first of a new series, that I have called the ‘Expressions Series’ I have started the first of the series, Expressions 1.0. It has very vibrant, and expressive colours in it. I am doing the base design with Macromedia Dreamweaver. I did most of the graphics with Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia Freehand, the same thing I used to design most of my other websets, and my entire Design site, exept on my web design site, and some of my other websets, I added some Flash content. I think the designing process of this new template, will be just a few more days, and then I can offer it to download. By the looks of things, I think that I have had some downloads, because I’m getting quite a lot of hits. I hope eventually to clean up my download section, and offer only really nice templates, because I only really like a few of them. I also like the one I’m designing right now. It’s turining out really good.

Things to Do
July 6, 2006

Today, we have to go out a few places. I also have to clean up my bedroom, because It looks messy. I also have to do a few web things. I’m planning on creating another linkware template, for my web design site. I want to make it look absolutely great. I’m not to fond of the other ones that I’m offering at my site, I only really like one of them. I used to rush too much and complete them in ten minutes. But the one I really like, it took my about two weeks to do. I’m going to take my time, on the one I’m going to do.

Even More Updates
July 4, 2006

I totally re-did the nav system on my Design site. It took quite a while to do it. I ran into a few code problems, but of course, I fixed them. The nav system is a fancy drop-down menu bar. I like those types of nav systems better than just a side bar full of links, or a nav bar. I got the base codes for the menu at Dynamic Drive. Dynamic drive is a great site for nav systems, other web stuff, and cool codes, that do really neat things. I’m very pleased with my new menu system!

Lots of Updates
July 3, 2006

I have made quite a few updates to my design site, which can now be found @, which is my new domain name. I have put in a new navigational system, that is much better than a bunch of links on the side. It’s a new drop out menu. I think it’s pretty cool, myself. I got the base codes from Dynamic Drive, which is a great website. You can find many cool codes there, that can do a lot of neat things. I have also added, to my design site, a ‘polling station’, so my visitors can vote to see what they like best, or what they would like to see in the future. I don’t think that I want to ever totally re-design my design site, again, because it’s a really good design. I might lay it out differently, every so often, but I won’t do anything to drastic. I really like the way my site looks now, and I also love the new nav system.

The weather so far is perfect. Not too hot, and not too cold. So far, the summer is going great!