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Quicklinks For 08/04/2006
August 4, 2006

Random Links:

  • Shane Bellinger Web Design– My Web design site. I offer Linkware sets, free web graphics, and I also offer custom web and Logo design.
  •– A great site to get your own domain name. It’s absolutely free, and I use it for my web design site. Uses a Nauru Domain name.
  • WordPress Theme viewer– Find a whole lot of free WordPress Themes, to use on your site!
  • BlogExplosion– Need more traffic on your blog? Sign up with blog explosion!

Quicklinks for 07/19/06
July 19, 2006

Random Links:

  • Blog Explosion– Attracts lots of traffic to your blog. Earn credits, and rent out your blog.
  • W3S Schools– Lots of great web tutorials such as Flash, JavaScript, coding and more.
  • Scrapblog– Get an online scrap book. Takes a few minutes to set up. Post pictures, and text. Uses a Flash Construction interface.
  • Milonic– Easy to use web navigational systems- I use this on my Web Design Site, it’s very easy to use and update. I use a drop-down DHTML  menu. It’s also free of charge, if you are using it on a non-profit website.
  • Blogsome– Get your own WordPress blog on Blogsome. Just like having your own wordpress blog. Uses the same system I use here, on

Track-and-Field Training
May 10, 2006

Usually, at just about every School, in either May, or June, they have Track and Field. Yesterday, at my School, we started training for it. We were starting with high jumps. I am short, so I was really horrible. I kept on crashing into the bar. I hope to get better at it. I think I could do a little better at the running part, because I think that that’s what were going to train for next. I think it was something like a 400 metre run. I’m not quite sure when we are going to be doing the Track and Field, but it must be soon, because we are training for it.

Quicklinks For 5/10/2006

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Wikipedia- Athletics & Track and Field – About Athletics and Track and Field


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