A Big Party

Today, we are having a big get together. It’s one of our relative’s birthday, and we are having all of our family over to our new house. We just fineshed decorating. There’s lots, and lots of balloons, and streamers all put up. We’re also having a big dinner, with a dessert of Chocolate cake and ice cream, one of my favourites! Tonight is going to be our first big party in our new house. It’s quite exciting. I’m going to have to take lots of pictures, with my new digital camera. Everyone will be here, in a couple of hours. We’re starting to make dinner, now, so it will be ready when all of our guests arrive. The cake is now cooling, and it will be frosted soon. It’s really fun decorating, and blowing up all of the balloons, I’ve always loved doing that.


The weather is perfect for our party, today. It’s really nice outside. It’s not to hot and not too cold. It’s also got a nice breeze blowing.

Current Conditions

greyskyovercast.jpgIt’s overcast, and it’s 21°C. It’s supposed to reach a high of 24°C, with the humidex of 29°C.


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