Almost Done, Just a little More!

My new template ‘Expressions 1.0’ is nearly complete. I just have to put the finishing touches on it. It’s looking really good, so far. I can’t wait to get it released! I have been working really hard on this new template, so it’s only going to take me one more day to complete it. This weekend, we are going to be busy I know that we will be going out. I have to get a wireless card for my computer. I also need to clean up, today. The weekend is going to be really hot. It is going to be like 30°C, with humidex factors, so it’s going to be really hot. We don’t yet have air conditioning, because our house is new. I do have a ceiling fan in my room, and it seems to keep my room at a comfortable tempurature. We will be getting central ai, next year, when the construction around us is finally done.

My To do list for the Weekend:

lightbulb.gif Clean out my Closet.

lightbulb.gif Finish ‘Expressions 1.0’

lightbulb.gif Help Clean up.

lightbulb.gif Tidy up my bedroom.

lightbulb.gif Do anything else that needs to be done.


colo.jpgToday, for Ottawa, we are looking at Sunny skies, with a high of 29°C, with the Humidex of 35°C.

Updates on Saturday

Well, we were out pretty much all day long, and we just got back home. We were supposed to go to a few other stores, today, but they were closed when we got there. I was supposed to get a wireless network access card, for my PC. I’m going to have to get it, tomorrow. We will go earlier, before the stores close.

We also have to go a few other place, tomorrow.

~7:13 PM


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