Today, is going to be a nice day. I'm going to school, today. I wonder what will be going on, today. I know we have gym, but I probably will not be able to participate, because I have no clue where my gym clothes are. I am happy, because it's supposed to be another nice day, today. It is supposed to get to a high of 25°C. That's really good weather. It's also the first day of Summer! I am so happy! I've been waiting for such a long time for summer to arrive, and no, it's finally here. I'm not quite sure, what I'm going to be doing, this summer, but I'm sure that it's going to be good. It's now just a about a week away, from summer vacations. At school, we are preparing a lot, for our graduation ceremony, because we are graduating from grade 6. It's something to look forward to. It takes place next Tuesday, from morning, to the afternoon.

Updates on Today

Today, was a good day. It was warm. We did not do too much, today at school, though. Since it's almost the end of the year, we are starting to stop doing to much work. We had our year end mass, today in our gymnasium. Next week, will be just a three day week, because we're finished school on Wednesday. I can't wait for that!



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