It's Monday, and we have to go back to School, today. I have to finish up some projects, like a science presentation, and in Language, I have to finish my Story, intended for little kids. It's also going to be a really nice day, today. We are going to get to a high of 27°C, today, with sun. I think that it's going to be a good week, this week. I do have a couple of thing, to get finished, though.

My To Do List

lightbulb.gif Finish up my Science Project.

lightbulb.gif Clean and pack my room.

lightbulb.gif Clean everything.

lightbulb.gif Do any homework, that needs to be done.

lightbulb.gif Just do anything else, that needs to be done.


colo.jpgToday, for Ottawa, we are looking at a high of 27°C, with a few cloudy periods, mainly clear in the evening.

Updates On Today

Today, was a good day. We did not do too much work, today. We had gym, and our usual subjects. I got to finish my science project, and now, I think that my Language Project, will be done, soon.

I Just finished updating my design site. I added a new page. My Sites are really coming along!




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