Tuesday, Not Very Exciting

It is Tuesday, and nothing really is happening, now. I went to my allergist, toda, and that's about it. I did not go to School, because, of my allergist appointment. I hope that I find something ammusing. It's the end of this big long weekend, for me. I have to go back to school, tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be warm, this week, and I mean really warm! It's supposed to get all the way up to to 28°C, 29°C, and even 30°C! Wow, ASTONISHING! That's the absolout warmest it's gotten, this year. Our 2 week cold front is finally done! It was horrible. The weather was just sloppy, rainy weather I'm Feeling DEAD!.

I Did do some more work on my websites, I also started working on some cool new designes, to post out as a *zip file on my Web Design Site. I also made some stylish new Linkbacks, to my site, if anyone has downloaded a design from me, they can use one of the new linkbacks. The Linkbacks can be found on the Graphics Page

Well, that's about it, for now! 


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