Just Stuff

Yesterday, I managed to get some website stuff done, and I’ve also started planing out some graphics to put on my web design site. The graphics section has been closed, for quite some time, now.

I got a new digital camera, because my other one, that I got for my birthday, broke. This new one I got is really cool. I especially like the clear pictures that it takes. You could be standing far away from something, and you could do a digital zoom, and the pictures will still be super clear. This new camera, I think will help me with designing graphics. It’s really cool. cool.gif

After the weekend, I still did not finish the overhaul on my web design site. I do hope that I will finish that, soon, and that’s also going on my To do list.

My To do List

lightbulb.gif Clean my room, because it’s really messy.

lightbulb.gif Continue My Overhaul on my Designing Site.

lightbulb.gif Hopefully get outside

lightbulb.gif Check my E-mail, because I have not in a long time.

lightbulb.gif Experiment with new design ideas.


greyskyovercast.jpgToday, for Ottawa, we are looking at a high of 19°C, with cloudy R.gif showers.


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