I Finally Fineshed!

Finally, yesterday, I set up my new design in my site! It may look like a very simple design, but it was still quite hard to make. I had to set it up a few days, ago, and it was absoloutly horrible! everything was out of order. I had to spend the next day or two working all of the bugs out of the HTML coding. It now, looks like it’s the best design I’ve ever made, but, I’m just a beginner, and I still have a lot more even nice designs coming out. I will try to make very ‘professional‘ looking designs, but they won’t be out for a long time. I’m going to modify the template thar I designed for my site, and turn it into a linkware template. It will be coming out in a few weeks, when I’ve completely fineshed my website.

Stuff to Do

*Make my Mom & Grandma something nice for Mother’s Day.

*Clean My Room.

*Update all of my websites.

*Go outside, because there is more nice warm weather coming.

*Prepare to Move


Ottawa: Light_rain_shanesweathcn.jpgToday, we are looking at a high od 16°C, and Light Rain, all day.R.gif


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