Track-and-Field Training

Usually, at just about every School, in either May, or June, they have Track and Field. Yesterday, at my School, we started training for it. We were starting with high jumps. I am short, so I was really horrible. I kept on crashing into the bar. I hope to get better at it. I think I could do a little better at the running part, because I think that that’s what were going to train for next. I think it was something like a 400 metre run. I’m not quite sure when we are going to be doing the Track and Field, but it must be soon, because we are training for it.

Quicklinks For 5/10/2006

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Wikipedia- Athletics & Track and Field – About Athletics and Track and Field


colo.jpg Wednesday Afternoon, Ottawa: Sunny, with a few clouds, with a High of 21°Cb.gif


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