New Web Ideas

I have been experimenting with Flash 4 & Flash. I have made a new blurring logo for my Web Design Site. It is one of the best Flash designs, I've made yet. I am working on another flash object to go at the bottom of the page. I am still just experimenting, but I'm getting better, and better at it every day. I know how to make moving designs, such as the one on my graphics site, I know how to make alternating designs, and marquees. I am going to be working a lot on Flash. I have a whole Macromedia package. It has Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, which I used to make one of my Personal Sites. It has Dreamweaver3, and Fireworks 3&4, Macromedia Director, A Shockwave program, It also has Flash 4&5, and Macromedia Freehand 9- A logo creator, you can make flash GIF, or JPEG high resoloutin graphics with it.
I still have a wole lot of experimenting to do!


colo.jpgThe weather for today, is going to be Sunny, and b.gif24°C, with cloudy periods.


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