The First day of May!

Dayhigh.gifI'm so happy, that it is the first of May. It is getting closer and closer to the summer! I am very excited! I love all of this warm weather, we're having, Today, I finished overhauling my Graphics and Templates Site. It looks pretty good, in my opinion, but it is very simple, not to much colour. I like it. I'll do another overhaul, in the next few months, or so. I'm soon, going to be going to school. I wonder what we will be doing today? I'll talk more about school, when I come home.

Updates: Today, was a good day. The big thing that made it so good, was the nice, warm weather. I love the warm weather, that we're having! It actually, got to 27°C! That's the warmest it's ever gotten, since last summer! Well, that's about all, for now. I need to go do my homework, that's the bad part of today!


Daytime High For Ottawa: Sunny.jpg Sunny, with a high of 23°C


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