The Weekend!

Current Weather Conditions.I'm so glad, that it is the weekend! It seemed like it would never get here! I am going to be outside a lot this weekend, because I'ts supposed to be warm, according to the weather Network. It is supposed to be 18degreese celcius, today, and 20degreese celcius, tomorrow. It is the end of that stupid cold front, that we were having. We're going out, soon, were going to Sears, to buy stuff. I need to go and get ready.

UPDATES: I'm finally back. We drove around all over the place looking for appliances. It was really boring! I'm glad were finally back. We have guests over for dinner tonight, so that is nice. I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow?


LATE UPDATES: I've updated the my site's sidebar, it looked kind of boring. I've added the blog stats, and a post calender. I took away a couple of things, too, just because they seemed kind of useless. I am always trying to make my site look better.



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